Muddy Puddy is made for play.

Muddy Puddy is a new, patented Modeling Compound

made out of real clean dirt from honest to goodness Earth.

    You can make mud castles, mud creatures, mud pies, mud bricks,

mud letters, and many other mud creations.

Muddy Puddy is safe, innovative and fun.

Muddy Puddy is recommended for ages 3 and up.

    Muddy Puddy is not harmful if swallowed.  Muddy Puddy is non-toxic.  It is brought to you by Dirty Dingy Daryl™ and Mudzy the Mud Monster™ and the Muddy Buddy Pals

and your friends at Halo Toys.

Play with Muddy Puddy, it’s fun!

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Bring the outdoors inside!

Muddy Puddy™ is an exciting and inviting new modeling compound.

It is made from real dirt and other fine ingredients from our precious Mother Earth!

Use your imagination to create great mud monsters, mud faces, mud castles and

mud creatures.  Have lots of fun discovering all the dirt’s features.

Muddy Puddy is great for hours of good clean play!

Made in the U.S.A.

Mold Muddy Puddy!

Stamp Muddy Puddy!

Carve Muddy Puddy!

Paint Muddy Puddy!


Squish Muddy Puddy!

Squash Muddy Puddy!

Model Muddy Puddy!

Coil Muddy Puddy!